2021 Program


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Morning Session 2A - Vascular 

Session chair: Gerry Hill

Stream 2 

Spy venous study

Prof Greg Jones

Diagnosis and treatment of complex pelvic and lower limb venous incompetence

Prof Tim Buckenham

Mindray Novel training sessions

Trish Mares

AI Vascular Reporting

Ilona Lavender

Endovascular Clot Retrieval: Breakthrough Therapy for Stroke Patients

Prof Ronil Chandra 

MALS current status diagnosis and Intervention 

Prof Tim Buckenham

Cerebrovascular flow and function in research

Dr Kate Thomas

Ultrasound-assisted thrombolysis for stroke patients. What is the data? 

Prof Ronil Chandra

Morning Session 2B - Vascular  

Session chair: Kathryn Bush and Michelle Rodeh

Stream 2 

Differentiating pseudo endoleaks from true endoleaks using CEUS

Prof Tim Buckenham

Giant cell arteritis 

Gerry Hill

Could ultrasound be the next portable stroke detection device?

Prof Ronil Chandra

Education review from the five vascular providers.

Deanne Chester, Central Queensland University CQU; Brooke Osborne, University of South Australia; Donna Oomens, Western Sydney University; Lucy Taylor, Australian Institute of Healthcare Education AIHE; Gerry Hill, University of Otago


COVID-19: Some lessons learnt for the next phase

Prof Mary-Louise McLaws

On-Demand Sessions

Plantar artery duplex: Waikato experience 

Bridget August

The pulsatile perforator

Dr Kate Thomas

Popliteal vein compression

Rebecca Millen 

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