2021 Program

MSK & Rheumatology

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Morning Session 3A - MSK & Rheumatology 

Session chairs: A Prof Fred Joshua & Dr Colin Chong

Stream 3 

An update on inflammatory arthritis

A/Prof Fred Joshua

Ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation of the spine including greater occipital nerve, LON, cervical medial branches, stellate ganglion, lumbar spine 

Dr Ashutosh Joshi

How I use ultrasound in Clinical Practice: what I need to know and what I do not need to know. A surgeon's perspective

Prof George Murrell

Q & A

Morning Session 3B - MSK & Rheumatology 

Session chairs: Dr Colin Chong & Dr Joo Haw Ong

Stream 3

Ultrasound of the chest wall

Jennifer Garner 

Ultrasound evaluation of postsurgical shoulder after rotator cuff repair: Comparison of clinical results

Dr Hee Jin Park

Post operative shoulder ultrasound 

Stephen Bird


COVID-19: Some lessons learnt for the next phase

Prof Mary-Louise McLaws

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