2021 Program

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  • 1. Obstetrics / Head & NEck

  • 2. Vascular / neonatal and paediatrics

  • 3. MSK & rheumatology / Emergency med

  • 4. Critical care / Cardiac

  • 5. Abdominal / gynaecology

Morning Session 1A - Obstetrics  

Session chair: A/Prof Andrew McLennan

The fetal brain as demonstrated during the routine 2nd trimester examination. What can we miss?

Prof Gustavo Malinger

Targeted neurosonography 

Prof Gustavo Malinger

Fetal Neurosonography   

Prof Ritsuko Pooh

Fetal MRI   

Dr James Christie

Cortical Maldevelopment

Prof Ritsuko Pooh

Congenital cytomegalovirus infection: Prenatal cranial ultrasound findings and correlation with MRI

Dr Sonja Brennan

Morning Session 1B - Obstetrics  

Session chairs: Dr Premjit Gill and Dr Ritu Mogra

Reviewing the fetal heart cases with the experts

Facilitators Dr Premjit Gill & Ritu MograPanel Kate Guskich, A/Prof Gary Sholler AM, A/Prof Andrew Gill

On-Demand Sessions

 The perfect fetal echo

Dr Ritu Mogra

End morning session


COVID-19: Some lessons learnt for the next phase

Prof Mary-Louise McLaws

Afternoon Session 1C - Obstetrics -  Placenta / FTS  

Session chairs: A/Prof Andrew McLennan & Debra Paoletti

Placenta pathology: The sonologist and the pathologist   

Dr Meiri Robertson & Prof Jane Dahlstrom OAM

US and MRI in the assessment of placental pathology: A match made in heaven

 Dr Ekaterina AIibrahim

Pregnancy after LSCS. What the sonographer/ sonologist needs to consider

Dr Sue Belgrave

PE screening in twins

Dr Daniel Rolnik

Screening for fetal growth restriction in the first trimester

A/Prof Andrew McLennan

Afternoon Session 1D - General: Head and Neck

Session chair: Lyndal Macpherson

Thyroid Nodules: TIRADS and Bethesda

A/Prof Christine O'Neill

The increasing importance of ultrasound in thyroid cancer management

Dr Anna Story

Sonographic localisation of parathyroid adenomas

Dr Chris Rowe

An innovative computer-aided analysis of Doppler ultrasound images to differentiate benign and malignant lymph nodes

Prof Michael TC Ying

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