Prof Michel Slama

Professor in critical care medicine

Deputy head of the medical intensive care unit university hospital of Amiens, France

Member of the research team MP3CV on cardiovascular topics in Amiens University.

Former vice president of Amiens University

Former president of the medical board of Amiens University Hospital

Topics : hemodynamics, echocardiography, ARDS, ultrasounds in ICU

Publications: more than 200 published papers

Many chapters and book published on echocardiography in ICU.


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It is more than pneumonia, cardiac ultrasound in COVID

Pathologic examination revealed that COVID is not only a pneumonia but may induce multi organ failure. Analysing 20 cardiac biopsies in COVID patients who died we discovered in one patient lymphocyte infiltration avec virus in the myocardium. By using echocardiography many authors demonstrated that in COVID-19 infection cardiac dysfunction could be present in many patients. Right ventricular (RV) dysfunction with RV dilation is frequent despite true acute cor pulmonale is described in less than 20% or cases. Left ventricular systolic dysfunction could be observed as well. These dysfunctions could occur at any time of the follow-up of COVID-19 patients and then echocardiography is mandatory not only at the early phase of this infection but should be repeated to diagnose cardiac failure. This cardiac evaluation is critical in COVID-19 patients to help for the management and because these dysfunctions are associated with increase mortality.