Dr John Evans

Dr John Stuart Evans

John is Senior Staff Specialist Intensivist/ Anaesthetist, Intensive Care Unit at Townsville General Hospital.  John has had a strong interest in Echocardiography and Ultrasound for 20 years.

The journey to introducing Intensivist performed Echocardiography and Lung Ultrasound has been a long one, Townsville has been no exception. It’s fair to say that the results have been worth the effort. Early on ECHO in ICU was considered as an acronym for “Excessive Compulsive Heart Observations”. Today though ICU Echocardiography plays an increasingly important role in patient management. 

Thanks also to proactive support from colleagues at Nepean led by Professor Mclean, our hospital has slowly accepted the role of Echocardiography in the ICU. 

Point-of-care Echocardiography and Lung Ultrasound are now integral to patient care daily on our ICU ward round. Comprehensive full study Echocardiography is increasingly available with minimal delay integrated in a reasonably seamless manner with Cardiology


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Relevant Publications

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