Dr Jessie Childs

Jessie is a lecturer in the Postgraduate and Masters of Medical Sonography programs and researcher at the University of South Australia. She has served as the tutor and chief sonographer at multiple private and public practices across Australia. Jessie has a keen interest in research and completed her PhD in ultrasound measurements of the liver in 2016, she continues to work in this field. Jessie is also researching in the areas of ultrasound safety, transvaginal sonography, and reducing the incidence of thrombosis as a result of PICC vein insertions and more recently on the impact of COVID-19 on Australasian sonographers. Jessie is the current chairperson for the Australian Sonographers Association fellowship panel and Associate Editor in Chief of the journal ‘Sonography’. In 2014, Jessie was awarded the Pru Pratten Memorial Award for her service to ultrasound, teaching and research.



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