Dr Jarrel Seah

Dr. Jarrel Seah is a radiology registrar at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and an AI engineer at annalise.ai. He has a keen interest in developing and applying novel deep learning algorithms in radiology and particularly in explainable AI. He has published and presented in both medical and technical conferences such as SPIE and Radiology, and is a coordinator of the inaugural RANZCR Catheter and Line Position Kaggle challenge. 

Named in Forbes 30 under 30, in 2014 he co-developed Eyenaemia, an app that allows people to use their cell phone to screen for anaemia, while studying medicine at Monash University, which won the World Championship and World Citizenship Competition for the Imagine Cup, an annual competition run by Microsoft.

Jarrel provides clinical and technical guidance in the development and validation of AI models at annalise.ai and harrison.ai, and undertakes cutting-edge research within the field of deep learning in radiology.