Dr Elena Khmaladze

Elene Khmaladze


Leading Specialist in Gastrointestinal Ultrasound

Tbilisi State University Clinic VIVAMEDI

Place of birth: Stalingrad, Russia.

Education Tbilisi State Medical University 1974-1981

Work experience in the specialty 40 years

Long-term experience in the field of multidisciplinary X-ray diagnostics, –°omputed Tomography and interventional radiology.

The only female doctor in Georgia  - specialist in the field of GIUS.

Member of International Associations: GAU, UEG, EFSUMB, WFUMB, IBUS-group, MWIA

Participant of International Congresses:

UEG-2017 Anniversary Congress (Barcelona, Spain)

EFSUMB-2018 Congress (Poznan, Poland)

EFSUMB-2019 Congress (Granada, Spain)

MWIA -2019 100-Anniversary Congress (New-York, USA)

IBUS Module 2019 (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

WFUMB-2019 Congress (Melbourne, Australia)

Author of several scientific presentations in the field of GIUS.

 Married, 2 children, 6 grandchildren


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Submitted abstracts: 

Ultrasound diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease