Dr Denise Warner

Denise Warner is a Paediatric Radiologist at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. She will be talking about renal cysts and renal cystic diseases in paediatric patients.

Ultrasound in paediatric imaging can be very challenging and ultrasound is frequently pivotal in patient care. This makes working with the skilled Sonographers at The Children’s Hospital particularly rewarding. In renal cysts and renal cystic diseases ultrasound is a key imaging modality.


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Paediatric Renal Cystic Disease

Dr Denise Warner MB,BS (Syd) FRANZCR 

In 2019 international consensus statements were published on the imaging of kidney cysts,  cystic kidney diseases in children and the diagnosis and management of autosomal  dominant polycystic kidney disease in children and young people. Ultrasound is the key  imaging modality for these conditions, The consensus statements will be reviewed along  with an overview of congenital cystic renal disease in the paediatric patient population.