Dr Cartan Costello

Dr Cartan Costello is a senior staff specialist in intensive care at Wollongong Hospital.

He is co-chair of general ultrasound of the College of Intensive Care, (USIG) ultrasound special interest group.

He was lead author of the article “ Prevention of pathogen transmission during ultrasound use in the Intensive Care Unit: Recommendations from the College of Intensive Care Ultrasound Special Interest Group”  published in March 2020 AJUM.


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My patient is saved and how to clean the machine?

Dr Costello will discuss the background and basis of 2020 CICM USIG guidelines as to best practice infection control related to ultrasound use within Intensive Care and how they have been applied in his own practice.. The difficulties faced by clinicians’ stem from a wider infra-structure deficit necessary for the safe practice of POCUS.