Dr Allan Whitehead

Allan holds a Fellowship with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and has postgraduate qualifications in clinician-performed ultrasound and clinical education.

Allan commenced learning Point of Care Ultrasound in 2003 and the journey is ongoing. He believes performing this skill has made him a better clinician with his diagnoses, treatment decisions and procedures. It revolutionises access to ultrasound in all hospitals at all hours. He has a passion for improving emergency care in smaller EDs and in rural and regional areas. He has been a qualified emergency physician since 2000 with prolonged stints as both a Director of Emergency Medicine Training and an ED Director as well as a Director of Medical Services. He is actively involved in point of care ultrasound education of medical practitioners with EMUGs and ZEDU Ultrasound Training Solutions and is likewise determined to enhance the amount of POCUS taught to medical students and junior doctors. He uses point of care ultrasound on every shift favouring a hand-held device for the majority of patients and while scanning most regions, he really enjoys integrating basic cardiac and lung ultrasound for chest pain and dyspneoic patients.